About Us

Sherri Gartner, RD, IBCLC is retired from 30 years in healthcare.  She provided nutrition counseling for pregnant moms and lactation follow-up in a hospital-based program for breastfeeding mothers and babies. Even though retired, she maintains her certifications as a Registered Dietitian (RD) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

As a new mom with a new little person, you may find yourself overwhelmed at times, or just wanting reassurance that this is “normal”.   Something as typical as a growth spurt can make you question what’s happening.  With a growth spurt your baby may go from feeding every few hours, to all of a sudden eating like the milk factory is closing for good!

The goal of this website is to provide evidence-based education and support for mothers of full-term breastfed babies.  Check the Baby Breastfeeding Support website menu for breastfeeding information anytime.  As a busy new parent, you may find the best feature of the website is the ability to have the information conveniently come to you, at just the right time, by signing up for the http://www.babybreastfeedingsupport.com/sign-up/

Let Sherri’s experience assist you:

  • Over 17 years of providing breastfeeding follow-up visits with moms and babies in a hospital setting.  Sherri and her colleagues followed over 15,000 mother/baby pairs during that time.
  • Sherri provided pregnancy nutrition counseling at a family physician’s practice and often visited with the same moms in both their prenatal and postnatal care.  Sherri offers knowledge based on this experience in Before Becoming PregnantNutrition During Pregnancy 
  • On-the-job training from her own three breastfed kids.

A special thanks to Steve for suggesting he could make this information into a website, Peter for technical help, and Sue Clark, MS, RD, IBCLC for that long ago napkin conversation that launched the lactation support program.  Photo credit: Steve Clark