Hurray! Your new little person has arrived.

Congratulations!  The next days, weeks and beyond, will be a time of increased learning in your life.  In the July 28th, 2004, Baby Blues Comic Strip, dad Darryl is trying to remember his kids’ birthdates and he tells his wife Wanda, how weird it is he can’t remember them? Wanda rattles off the three dates of their children and Darryl tells her she’s amazing. She reminds him “once you give birth to something you remember the date”. While some details of the day your baby arrives may fade from your memory, the date will probably not be one of them. (1)

The days around the birth of your baby may feel like a bit of a blur, with all the information you are trying to soak in about caring for this unique little person. When I did lactation follow-up in the hospital, my colleagues and I would see the mom after delivery in the hospital and then call at varying intervals to check on mom and baby. I was often told during that process that it took at least 3 contacts with the mom before she remembered who I was and why I was calling. Basically, you have “a lot” going on in those days after delivery! I hope having something written down to refer back to will make your post-delivery days easier.

The most important thing to remember in the delivery room regarding getting off to the best breastfeeding start–is skin-to-skin contact with your baby until they accomplish their first feeding. Ideally this happens as soon after delivery as possible, preferably within the first 1-2 hours. (2)

One of your first priorities, after counting those 10 fingers and 10 toes, will be Breastfeeding Your Baby. Then you may have questions and concerns that start to flood your mind:

Understanding how breastmilk is made

Learning to breastfeed your baby

Helping your baby to latch on

How will it feel when your baby is latched on?

What to watch & listen for when your baby breastfeeds?

7 signs your breastfed baby is hungry

How do you know your breastfed baby is getting enough to eat?

Number of feedings in 24 hours for a newborn

Know that this may feel overwhelming, but you can get this. Just take things one at a time and repeat as needed. Learning anything new takes time. Very soon, no one will know your baby better than you do.

Once you have a little experience with what goes “in” your new little person, you will get a lesson in what comes “out”. Wet & Dirty Diapers at Delivery.

Then you may have some questions for yourself about your comfort when breastfeeding and things like breast engorgement, and nipple soreness, basically your breast comfort & health when breastfeeding.

And then just maybe you need a recap of what breastfeeding moms need to remember in the first week of life and a reminder of where to find breastfeeding help if you need it. Plus even if you can’t stay awake for a story. I’ll offer one just in case.   It takes a let-down too.   If you’re interested in other breastfeeding stories.  See Real Life Breastfeeding Stories


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Written by Sherri L. Gartner, RD, IBCLC, Copyright 2015

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