2 Months

Favorite Things

The baby newness has worn off and all your hard work seems to pay-off this month. Your baby starts to smile at you and responds to your presence. Just like Maria sings about in “The Sound of Music” you are their favorite thing!  Among the favorite things about them being two months old, will probably be getting smiled at.  Check out the other changes you might see this month in the link.

The usual frequency of feedings and wet/dirty diapers is still what you can expect this month.  Refer to how often is your baby eating at two months old?   How many dirty diapers are you changing?   And  how many wet diapers are you changing?  if you want a refresher.

At 2 months of age, breastmilk is still the only food your baby needs. It will be all they need until they are 6 months old. (1)(2)

Often 2 months is the timeframe for a healthcare provider visit.  It will be a chance to discuss  is your baby getting anything besides breastmilk?   Your healthcare provider’s thoughts on  Solid food introduction  your  baby’s weightvaccines/shotsVitamin D supplementation and other vitamins and minerals like iron reserves,  fluoride use of a  multi-vitamins, or need for  Vitamin B12   When you have concerns be sure to call or bring them up at your visit.

A growth spurt usually happens around 5-6 weeks and then again around 3 months of age.

For yourself breastfeeding is typically going smoothly at this point, concerns about engorgement and nipple soreness have subsided.  But if you do have any questions or concerns be sure to have it checked out by someone with breastfeeding knowledge. It could help avoid more serious issues.  See are you experiencing any engorgement? or nipple soreness?   If you still have questions or there is something you are wondering about, have it checked out.


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Written by Sherri L. Gartner, RD, IBCLC, Copyright 2015

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