Breastfeeding Products

Breastmilk is the original fast food and doesn’t require much besides mom & baby, but if you will be expressing breast milk or looking for things that might assist you during the time you are breastfeeding, the following items or something like them may be of some help to you.  We are not endorsing any particular product because everyone’s need and budget is different, but these links connect you to numerous products in the same category:

Breastfeeding Pillows
Breastfeeding pillows that are semi-circular in shape are sometimes a greater help than your bed or couch pillows when positioning your baby.

Nursing Covers
Breastfeeding or nursing covers might be something you’d like for privacy or modesty while nursing or expressing around other people, or when someone might come into the area.

Nursing Stool
A nursing stool may be of great help to keep your back happy.  It can be something you already have or something made specifically for the task.  Often in a chair, couch, rocker or whatever we are sitting on our feet don’t touch the ground.  Having a footstool of some kind can make sitting down to feed your baby more comfortable.

Slings & Baby Carriers
A baby carrier, or breastfeeding sling can make carrying, or nursing while carrying your baby much easier.  Also, when baby is being carried in a way that keeps them close to you, it helps baby to be calmed, soothed and rocked, sometimes assisting with more sleep.  Babies have spent 9 months being as close as possible to you.  They arrive preferring that.  Having one can provide the closeness baby likes and let you have at least one hand free to do something else too.

Nursing Pads
Nursing pads may be helpful for any breast milk leaking you may have.  You can use handkerchiefs, disposable, or the reusable/washable kind.  It is preferable they do NOT have a plastic backing or moisture barrier to avoid keeping moisture near the nipple, this sometimes causes further irritation.

Nursing Bras
Nursing bras may also be helpful during your breastfeeding experience.  They can make it easier to get in and out them or sometimes just a front closure bra will work.  Think about the type of closures on the bra, if you are trying to things one handed.  Often sizes change during your breastfeeding experience causing you to need additional bras.

Breast Pumps
We encourage you to do some checking on the links given for choosing a breast pump on the website in the A-Z section called “providing breastmilk for your baby” before you purchase a pump.  It will help you know how you will use it and help you find the best fit to the type of pump you buy for the way you will need to use it.

Breastmilk Storage Bags or Bottles
If you are going to be pumping and need to store breastmilk, these can be handy.  You can freeze breastmilk in anything you’d put in your freezer that you might already have on hand, but sometimes it is easier to use something that you don’t have to transfer the milk from and it can be prepared in the container it was stored in.

Breastmilk Cooler
Any cooler or one specifically constructed to hold bottles or bags of breastmilk might make it easier and safer to store & transport expressed milk.