Breastfeeding A to Z

Do You Have Any Concerns With Breastfeeding?

If you wonder about something your baby does while breastfeeding, have it checked out by someone with breastfeeding knowledge.  It could help avoid more serious issues later.  If nothing else it can give you peace of mind.  Refer back to Where to Find Breastfeeding Help for further information.  Find the support you need.

Remember this quote by Jan Riordan:  A mother’s intention [emphasis mine] to breastfeed is the single most important factor in deciding whether she will start breastfeeding and how long she will continue.  In turn, her intention in regard to breastfeeding is influenced by her attitude and her confidence in herself and the social support she receives.  The more support she has for breastfeeding, the more likely she is to continue. (1)

Fathers can often be the most important support person in the early weeks of breastfeeding. (2)

Usually, by the time your baby is 5-6 weeks old breastfeeding is becoming a little smoother.  Your baby is more efficient and usually you are more comfortable.


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