Breastfeeding A to Z

Five-Six Weeks Old

At 5-6 weeks old your baby is still learning to calm and regulate themselves with your help.

Ears–your baby likes to listen to your voice (1).  Your baby will usually react to noise by stopping behavior or crying (2)(3)

Eyes–your baby likes to stare at faces, especially eyes.  Your baby sees things clearly within about 8 inches of their nose.  Your baby follows objects with eyes to midline (2)

Face–your baby’s face and upper torso may start to have little pimples all over it.  Usually it is just on the face and is called infant acne.  There is nothing you need to do about it.  The cause is unknown, but thought to be due to hormonal changes. (4)

Mouth–in the next few weeks you can look for your baby to make more sounds than just crying for what they need.  Let the babbling and cooing begin. (2)(5) Your baby likes to be cradled and fed (1)

Your baby likes to be held. (1)


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