Real Life Breastfeeding Stories

Getting Bit

Once upon a time, I was breastfeeding my 9 months old before I went to work.  I’m sure I was a bit distracted trying to get 2 kids ready and off to daycare before making it to work on time.  I didn’t notice when my daughter stopped breastfeeding, but I did notice the “chomp”.  I screamed and she started screaming.  There wasn’t anything visible on my breast from the “chomp”, but she was startled and I was hurt and we were both crying.  So much for just putting her down and not screaming like the book suggests (the one I read later).  We made amends, I got the kids off to daycare and I went to work.

During the first break I had to pump at work, I noticed that when I started pumping there was a bit of tenderness.  I assumed from the bite, but then I noticed the milk was tinged with pink.  I stopped pumping to look at the area she had bitten me and couldn’t see anything.  I grabbed one of the OB nurses (since I was on that floor to use the breast pump) and had her look at the milk and me.  There was no visible opening or blood, but obviously a little bit of blood was being pumped out.  I knew the blood wasn’t a problem, I could keep the milk for her later.   But I was surprised to see it in the milk, when I couldn’t see an open area where she bit me.  Lesson learned.  When kids have teeth be vigilant when they stop nursing to take them off right away.  No lingering!