Real Life Breastfeeding Stories

Help At Home

When I had my first child, it was in vogue to have just your significant other and your new baby around for the first few days, so you could “bond” with your baby and have no other people around.

I can remember my mother accepted this news with grace. (This would be her first grandchild) We wanted her to come a week after the baby was due.  So she made her plane ticket for a week after my due date.  As it turned out, my baby was born 2 days after her due date and my hospital stay was extended and I was very glad to go home to my husband and my mother.  I just hadn’t realized I would need or want help and reassurance in those early days versus the “bonding” with only my child and significant other.  You will bond with your baby.  I just found out how nice it is to have help while you are doing it!