Real Life Breastfeeding Stories

I Prefer Eating On A Lap

My daughter was about 5 months old and showing signs of readiness for solid foods.  She could sit up supported, she was smacking her lips when I would drink out of a glass.  As if she wanted to try that too.  So I purchased the iron-fortified cereal and mixed it with baby formula or breastmilk.  I put her in the high chair and sat in front of her with the bowl and spoon.

She would have none of it!  She started crying and refused to open her mouth to take the spoon.  I couldn’t figure out why she was acting that way.

Just then, her Dad walked through the kitchen and said, “You are trying to have her learn more than one new thing at once.”


He said, “You want her to try the new food AND sit in the high chair”.  She hadn’t been doing that before today.

He said, “Why don’t you just try to feed her on your lap?  She’s used to that.”

So I took this crying kid out of the high chair and sat her on my lap.  That solved the crying.  And much to my surprise, then, eating from the spoon was just fine with her.  A few faces were made over the new taste, but most of the cereal made it in to her mouth and was swallowed.  So you might think about that when you start something new with your baby–try “one” new thing at a time and then once they’ve mastered that, try the next new  “one” thing  .  .  .  .  .