Real Life Breastfeeding Stories

I’m So Glad You Told Me About Growth Spurts

On more than one occasion, making routine phone calls to families when their baby was 2 weeks old we heard – “I’m so glad you warned me about growth spurts”.

In these families, the baby’s behavior changed so drastically that they felt they would have given up breastfeeding if they hadn’t known it was only temporary and that it was normal.  

Not every baby has a drastic change in how they eat during a growth spurt.  But for those who do, it helps to know what is going on.  In the first 6 months of life your baby will have growth spurts at these ages:  about 10-14 days of age, at 5-6 weeks, around 3 months and between 5-6 months.  You have to remember your baby didn’t read this–so they may have different timing!  Education and support are invaluable when you are parenting/feeding a baby.