Education & Encouragement with Just-In-Time Texts

For $2.99 our texting service sends you 20+ texts with age-related feeding information.  Each text has brief age-specific info and most have a link to website for more detail.

Text messages will be delivered from sign-up thru baby’s 6 month birthday.

You’ll receive a text that your sign-up was successful.

Texts will be more helpful if age based, so if you deliver before or after your due date or want to put in baby’s name or initials (4 character limit):

a) Click “Modify Your Service Information” on Home Page menu;

b) Reminder  text is sent around due date to change birth date and name if needed

Otherwise texts will come based on the due date you entered and use “baby”.

You can sign-up any time before or after you deliver.  Please note: if signing up after you deliver you will get the text(s) right before baby’s current age and then going forward.  You may not receive all 20+ texts.  Before you click “Buy Now” it will show you how many texts you will receive.  The price is still the same, as you can access “Breastfeeding By Age” and any other website information for free, anytime.  Other texts are not sent, as we don’t want you to deal with information that may not be timely for you.

You may unsubscribe at any time by texting the word “STOP” to the number you receive the Baby Breastfeeding Support texts from.  Your texts will come from area code 551 and standard texting rates may apply. Be aware, reply texts cannot be responded to.

Your information is confidential and will not be shared.