Receiving messages from Baby Breastfeeding Support was convenient and the perfect amount of support! It gave me a good idea of what to expect in a format that was easily digestible and reassuring. I especially liked that I could access the information easily from my phone while nursing my little one. 

Kathryn O. – Eagle River, Alaska

It doesn’t matter how many books you read before giving birth . . . breastfeeding, while truly amazing, is still one of the most confusing things after having a baby. You are trying to figure out how to feed your child while also understanding what is happening to your own body as it is healing and producing milk. The texting updates provided me with content when I needed it for all of the milestones and changes and the information Sherri has created was so helpful in answering all of my questions . . . especially during those 3 a.m. feedings.

Kelly M. – Indianapolis, Indiana

I’ve given gift subscriptions to BBFS texting service to a number of expectant women.  I have received very positive comments in return.  The expert advice gave them peace of mind.  For one young mom, the advice was very timely, coming just at a point when she had a question.  Others appreciated the format finding it convenient and concise with good links for more information.  Another mom mentioned that she found the information very helpful being a first time mom.   I think this is a great resource.  I wish it had been available when I had my kids!

Susan C. – Odessa, Florida

I love gifting the texting service at baby showers – gift that keeps on giving – much more supportive than diapers or that onesie they’ll grow out of 😉

Elizabeth G – Seattle, WA

In a world full of technology and information overload, the breastfeeding support text service is a game changer. The information you receive is not only educational, but also very much encouraging for those of us moms who are doing everything we can to succeed at breastfeeding. And you won’t feel overwhelmed or bombarded by messages. I can’t think of one reason why you wouldn’t sign up for this amazing, and helpful service!

Laura K. – Brighton, Michigan

After my daughter was born, I so looked forward to receiving texts from brestfeedingsupport.com!  The content was invaluable and perfectly timed.  I found that I would read them during my babies 3am feeding when the world was quiet – the articles helped me to know that others had similar experiences and that I wasn’t alone.  Sherri has a way of sharing information that helped me to feel supported and provided a reliable place to get timely information – I can’t recommend this service enough!

Emily I. Bellevue, Washington