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When Baby is Sleeping, I Should Be Sleeping

I had this experience in the first week after my daughter’s birth. I thought I could get done that list of things-to-do from my story about Rethinking that to-do list, while she was sleeping

My wise mother, who was visiting, kept trying to encourage me to take time to rest or sleep when my daughter was napping.  I politely refused for a week—then it REALLY hit me!  She never said “I told you so”, she just let me figure it out for myself.  I thought I could maintain the same pace as before my daughter arrived—I was wrong!  You are recovering and adjusting as much as your baby is adapting to their new world.

Consider at least starting every nap time for baby with a rest period for you.  Anything that you “need” to accomplish can wait.  You’ll be able to do it quicker with more rest.  You might be surprised—maybe you can skip doing it, have someone else do it, or it can just get done later . . . much later . . . or maybe it doesn’t need to be done . . . . .