Real Life Breastfeeding Stories

When Soreness is Something Else–Thrush

This mother complained of sore nipples.  Initially, she said the soreness decreased as the feeding went along.  This is usually a sign of proper attachment.

In this case between routine phone calls the pain got so intense she considered weaning.  She had a pediatrician, who was also a lactation specialist, make a home visit. It was determined that even though her baby was less than 3 weeks old and what normally would have been thought to be latch-on pain was really thrush or a yeast infection.

Thrush or a yeast infection can be on the nipple, in the diaper area of your baby, in baby’s mouth, as well as your vaginal area.  Basically, thrush or a yeast infection can happen in any dark moist place on your body.  Using medication for thrush/yeast infection resolved the pain and allowed this mother to continue breastfeeding.  If you have nipple soreness, you may need to have someone with breastfeeding knowledge watch you feed your baby.  Get help sooner rather than risk not being able to continue breastfeeding due to pain.

Also, “seeing” the issue versus only asking questions on the phone is sometimes needed.