Breastfeeding A to Z

Where to Find Breastfeeding Help

Video clips

Sometimes you just need to see someone else do it, a picture’s worth a thousand words as they say:

You can view a baby latching on and other breastfeeding videos at


Local Assistance

Other times we just need to find someone with breastfeeding knowledge to watch us breastfeed our baby or help if you have breastfeeding concerns.  If you need that kind of help these are places to check.

  • Look for someone with these credentials or certifications: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), or Certified Lactation Educator (CLE)
  • La Leche League International has local support groups.  Check for one in your area at from the home page click “local support”
  • Your local hospital, visiting nurse, health department or WIC Clinic may have someone or know of someone with breastfeeding training.
  • Your healthcare provider may be able to help or have someone on staff.  Call and check.
  • Check white/yellow page listings in paper or online form for businesses that rent or sell breast pumps and equipment.