Real Life Breastfeeding Stories

Won’t Take A Bottle

During a routine follow-up call I made, a mother expressed concern about how long her baby would go between feedings on days she worked.

Turns out her daughter was going 12 hours without eating, due to the mother’s work shift and travel time!

The mother would leave breastmilk for her daughter to have while she was gone, her daughter refused to take it.  Baby was content with the caregiver while her mother was gone.  The only time the baby got upset was if the caregiver tried to give her the bottle of breastmilk.  The caregiver continued to offer the bottle of breastmilk for a period of time, but the reaction was the same.  This baby continued to gain weight and thrive, but she continued to refuse to take a bottle.  As time went on the mother noticed her daughter just nursed more when she was home to make up the difference for when she was gone.  It was just an extreme case of how long a baby was willing to wait to eat.  This baby’s motto was–I’ll wait for mom, thanks!